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The FIRE Movement – Financial Independence, Retire Early

Withdrawal Rates – By periodically withdrawing capital from your investment, you have the opportunity to obtain the liquidity necessary to live on in retirement

Estimate future expenses – Are you sure you will be able to estimate your future expenses? The scenario that you will live in 20, 30 or 50 years could be very different…

The 4% Rule – Is it still valid? – Introduced by financial advisor William Bengen in 1994, the 4% rule is often considered the best solution for your retirement planning. However, it’s not so simple

Drawdown: the greatest risk you will face – When you retire and want to live off your investment, it’s not so important how much your return is, but how safe your are from losses…

Inflation: the silent thief – Analyzing the effects of inflation on purchasing power over time, and discussing ways to protect against inflation such as TIPS, commodities and real assets.


The impact of taxes on FIRE – Exploring different strategies for minimizing taxes on investment income and capital gains, including 401(k)s, Roth IRAs, and tax-loss harvesting.

The role of Real Estate investments – Examining the pros and cons of investing in rental properties, REITs, and other real estate-related investments, and how they can help to generate passive income


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